Advice for Entrepreneurs

Every business owner needs help at some point. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, there is always something new to learn. One of the most important tasks that any entrepreneur has on their list is finding a qualified business plan consultant who can give them the guidance they need. This blog post will teach you how to find a good consultant and what questions you should ask before working with one.

Questions to Ask:

-How many years have you been in business? What type of experience do you bring to the table? Do you specialize in any particular industry or region?

Business Plan Consultant

-Are there fees associated with our consultation and what are they for, exactly (e.g., per hour)? Does your fee include unlimited access via email/phone/texting so I can ask questions at my convenience? How often will we communicate during this process – weekly, biweekly, monthly…? Will our meetings be face-to-face or on Skype video chat?”

-“What is your availability like?”

-“Do clients typically see a return on their investment after working with you?” If not, why should someone hire you just because you say you are good for the job./o?

-“What is your process?”

-Plan to do more research and find the best consultant for you. It’s important that we have a good rapport, as this will be an ongoing relationship.

-Ask about their experience in helping clients get financing or grants from banks/grants organizations. How many loans were approved by them (or how many did they work with) over the past year?

What are your qualifications to help me finance my business plan?

-Read reviews of other people who worked with them and see what type of service they provide.